Thursday, September 22, 2005

Show 2 - Poker Blues

Show 2 – Poker Blues
Poker Woman Blues - Blind Blake
Bad Luck Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson
Darktown Gambling - Robert and Charlie Hicks
Bed Spring Poker - Mississippi Sheiks
Billy Lyons and Stack O’Lee - Furry Lewis


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike -- i was happy to hear the COMPLETE Darktown Gambling by the Hicks Bros. -- usually only the crap game side is collected in LP and CD form -- but that 2nd side opens up a question you did not address: who is the voice of the Third Man, the white "boss" who puts a stop to the gambling? Is this known or is he anonymous? Just curious... --cat yronwode

Mike Rugel said...

The voice if the white man is listed as unknown in the discographies I've seen. The song was recorded for Columbia and I've read speculation that it's most likely someone from the ir staff. That makes sense to me. The Columbia race series was run by a white guy named Frank Walker. Could it be him? Just some wild speculation. said...

I always look forward to when you will open a new chapter of the show for us, because it's very interesting to listen to.

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