Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Show 6 - High Water: Songs of the Mississippi Flood of 1927

Show 6 - High Water: Songs of the Mississippi Flood of 1927

High Water Everywhere Part 1 - Charley Patton
High Water Everywhere Part 2 - Charley Patton
The Flood Blues - Sippie Wallace
When the Levee Breaks - Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie
Rising High Water Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson
Mississippi Heavy Water Blues - Barbecue Bob


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great shows!

Listening in CA - got it off iTunes.

Anonymous said...

I did listen to your podcast about the Mississippi Flood. Very good to connect the direct perception from people (expressed so well) to actual events. And what a music. Compliment for your selection.

EEE said...

Just like someone else who has commented here - Thanks for the great shows!

I've been listening to them over the last few weeks, and I've just got to say that your show has been such a great find for me. Your show is the only outlet (I know of)where this great music is showcased.

The way you put together a theme for each episode gives a great character to your podcast.

Keep up the great work! Cheers from Toronto,


Mike Rugel said...

I appreciate the compliments. It's pretty easy to put the shows together when the musc speaks for itself so well on a subject like the 1927 flood.

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