Sunday, November 20, 2005

Show 9 - Big Fat Mama Blues

Show 9 -Big Fat Mama Blues
Big Fat Mama Blues - Charlie Spand
Big Fat Mama Blues - Tommy Johnson
Milk Cow Blues - Kokomo Arnold
Big Leg Woman Gets My Pay - Blind Boy Fuller
Fat Mama Blues - Jabo Williams
Skinny Woman - Sonny Boy Williamson


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a nice series of shows. Thanks also for mentioning hoodoo in your "Big Fat Mama" slection by Charlie Spand. I maintain a large collection of blues lyrics about hoodoo online and always enjoy it when folks notice the part that hoodoo plays in the blues. Check out

Mike Rugel said...

Thanks Catherine. Your hoodoo site is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is it possible to get the previous downloads? I only see the download links for the most recent 2 shows. I really enjoyed those 2 shows so I want to hear the previous ones as well!

Anonymous said...

nevermind - I figured it out through Itunes. Fantastic!

Alexandre Carvalho said...
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