Monday, May 29, 2017

Robert Johnson and Records

Robert Johnson was both a consumer and creator of records. We look at what he listened to and how it led to two of his songs,

Robert Johnson - Phonograph Blues
Mississippi Sheiks - Sitting On Top of the World
Tampa Red - Things about Comin' My Way
Skip James - Devil Got My Woman
Robert Johnson - Come on in My Kitchen
Scrapper Blackwell - Kokomo Blues
Kokomo Arnold - Old Original Kokomo Blues
Charlie McCoy - Baltimore Blues
Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago
Walter Davis - Don't You Want to Go


Aaron said...

Great episode. I hadn't heard Charlie McCoy before, he has a wonderful sound.

Florence Ramsay said...

Recently I've been interested in review of Boomessays on the history of blues. Thanks for sharing this playlist. It's a great material to work on.

statistics proofreading company said...

a cool selection of music, especially in 2005, I really liked said...

I like this episode too. It is very exciting and breathtaking for me. I want to watch it one more time.

Robert Johnson and Records

If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element Robert Johnson was both a consumer and creator...