Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Show 24 - Hard Times Blues

Show 24 - Hard Times Blues

Hard Times Killing Floor - Skip James
We Sure Got Hard Times - Barbecue Bob
Hard Time Blues - Scrapper Blackwell
It's Hard Time - Joe Stone
Hard Times Blues - Charlie Spand
Hard Time Blues - Darby & Tarlton
Hard Time Blues - Josh White


Kevin said...

Love the podcasts!
Many thanks.

Adam Teale said...

The Uncensored History of the Blues is fantastic! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Just found your podcast. Fantastic stuff. Enjoying working my way through them. An idea for a future program: are there any blues by or about the men who tried to escape the cottonfields by going to work on the construction of the Panama Canal? "Yellow Fever Blues" maybe?
Just a thought. Keep up the good work!
N H Twine

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